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Hi Admirers of Nikki Berber.

My background is an elegant, spicy mix of Eastern European and Brazilian. Discover an exotic body, mature demeanor and graceful presence within seconds of our first encounter. My rich, multi-cultural heritage gives me the opportunity to be fluent in multiple languages and be a world traveler. The perfect balance of sweetness and spice, let my golden wheat strands of hair tickle you. A soft, whisper in your ear, a gentle but firm touch, announcing, without words, that we are about to begin.

I enjoy taking control, immersing you into a state of ecstasy. It’s a sensory experience. Are you seeking something dark and erotic? It all leads to the pinnacle of pleasure. Don’t be afraid to articulate your desires.

If you are seeking short-term satisfaction, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for the ordinary you will be disappointed. A leisurely, unrushed experience tailored to your needs is what you should expect. My passion is in taunting and teasing, which will keep you begging to return again and again.Your passport into my world awaits you...💋